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Welcome at Estate Of Mind Real estate agents Turkey. Hoş geldiniz!

Originated from a love for Turkey and grown from years of friendship.


The past years Hadisa built a large network in Belgium. She takes care of the commercial side. Onur has a large network in Didim. He ensures that we work with the right people to offer only qualitative projects.

What can I say? Never change a winning team!


If you want to invest In Turkey you should do it now. Real estate is not that expensive and due to the low exchange rate you now pay less. What would life be if you were "on a holiday" every single day? Warm temperatures, warm people and a comfortable home for little money.

Life can be great!


If you fall in love with one of our projects, we will go on a trip together!

And if I can tell you something about it ... it will be a journey that you will never forget.

I promise;)

Hadisa Suleyman

Founder & Real estate agent
Estate Of Mind Real estate agents Belgium & Turkey


Dear Hadisa, first and foremost you are a woman who radiates your passion over your ears, AWESOME !!! That's how it should be!

I wanted to thank you for the top service you provided me, Dries and Davy during our trip together to Turkey to view the apartment. We were SOLD IMMEDIATELY and everything was as you already said, but it was even more beautiful in real life! Thanks to you, your dear husband Mathieu and your business partner in Turkey, we were able to organize everything in just 3 days!

Such a service is simply impossible to find!

Thanks also for the very nice stay at the Port of Didim, this was taken care of to perfection! We also had a great meal there during our stay and you pleasantly surprised us! Hadisa you with all your passion will take it very far, much respect for all your work that has been taken care of every detail!

Keep doing what there is no doubt about with me!


Josie S.

We are Jp and Sabrina. We had a dream to buy something abroad, but our preference was for Spain.

But after having been to Turkey a few times, we were lost there.

By knowing Mathieu personally well, we came into contact with Hadisa his wife.

It was between us and Hadisa immediately a click it was as if we had known each other for years so we started talking that we had a dream of buying something abroad. Hadisa suggested us a project in Turkey and we went to Didim for 3 days, it was fantastic, and very beautiful, as she said.

We had a lot of fun, a super nice hotel on the didim marina.

We met very pleasant and trustworthy people there.

Hadisa helped us with papers etc. Hadisa is a cool, reliable and warm person.

It has become a good friend for life.


Thanks for everything!

JP & Sabrina

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