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Buying in Turkey does not always have to be complicated. If you get guidance from someone who knows the law in Turkey then a purchase in Turkey becomes just like a purchase in Belgium. 

If you are well informed you are already half won.

Transfer of the real estate

Unlike most European countries, registration in the Land Registry in Turkey is not carried out by a Notary, but by an official from the Housing Registration Department (Title Deed Office).

It is a legal obligation for both seller and buyer to be present in order to transfer the real estate.
After entry and delivery in the land register you will receive your Tapu. More known as the title deed.

Necessary documents for the Title Deed Transfer

  • Identities for both side

  • Two pass photos

  • Getting the correct market value from municipality

  • No tax debt paper 

  • Original title deeds or copy

  • Earthquake/fire insurance


Transfer Tax

In Turkey you pay 4% of the market value of the property. This amount is paid to one of the state banks at the time of the transfer.

The amount determined by the Municipality is always lower than the real value of the property and is between € 400 and € 5,000.
In addition, you still have to take into account insurance for fire and earthquakes (20 €) and the costs of registration (15 €).
All costs together do not exceed 6% of the market value of the property!


Housing Control ( İskan )

After the constraction is finished builder applies to municipality in order to get İskan. If constraction is finished according to building rules then builder gets İskan directly. After that he applies to title deeds office to make title deeds from Kat İrtifakı to Kat Mülkiyeti. Getting iskan is under builder’s responsibility.


What are the annual costs?

Maintenance +/- 300 € - 600 €

Fire & earthquake insurance +/- 100 €

Property tax 0,1 % on description value


How long can I stay in Turkey?

In principle there are 2 possibilities.

Or the tourist visa for 3 months or the residence permit for a year.


What if I come to die? Do my children inherit?

Yes, inheriting in Turkey goes the same way as in Belgium. Upon death, the children automatically inherit the property (s) in Turkey. Taxes are very low level comparing to Belgium.

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