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Hadisa Suleyman

Founder & Real estate agents
Estate Of Mind Real estate agents Belgium & Turkey

T +32 489 87 58 38


Born in Ghent in 1989 as child of a Ghanaian dad and a Belgian mum.
As a teenager I had a hard time finding my way and perhaps for that reason many thought I would not make it in this life. 

Guess what, I did;)

In 2016 I founded Estate Of Mind Real Estate agents, the real estate agency in Ghent that distinguishes itself by the love for what we do.

Everything I do in this life I do with passion, enthusiasm and most importantly with all my heart.


As a young girl, I grew up in a neighborhood with a large Turkish community. In a way they stole my heart and I started dreaming of my own business in Turkey. The dream became a plan and the plan became reality #estateofmindturkey


You do not want to buy property in Turkey by yourself!

No no we do it together! Yaaay, that will be fun!

Together we explore the area for a few days and we run through the whole purchase procedure so that you can live the Turkish dream...

Hope to travel soon!

- Hadisa - 

Born in 1979 Ankara graduated at the Dokuz Eylül Unversity in Bachelor of Finance and in 2013 I obtained the degree in Legal Practice.


In 2008 I founded Milan Estate agents out of a passion for real estate.

Milan Estate agents is the real estate agency in Didim that focuses on people looking for a holiday home in the Turkish Riviera.Our projects are always full-service complexes with a swimming pool, security and many other facilities.


I hope to show you what Didim has to offer and look forward to welcoming you here.

See you soon!​

- Onur -

Onur ArIk

Real estate agent & Founder
Milan Estate agents (Didim)​

T +90 541 254 72 79


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